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Blockchain as the most popular technology in the world

You may be an experienced programmer or developer who wants to diversify your skill set. You may be just starting out in the labor market or looking for a change. Or you might have come across the word “Blockchain” too many times in the news and just want to know what everyone is talking about.

Revolutionary technology of the 21st century

People usually mention blockchain in combination with cryptocurrency, as they are inseparable. In the simplest case, Blockchain is the process of verifying that accurate data is transmitted between computers in a peer-to-peer network. Computer chains form a “registry”, each record of which contains the entire history of previous transactions to ensure that the data remains unchanged.

A truly revolutionary development occurred in 2008 with the introduction of blockchain technology in a decentralized network. With the advent of Bitcoin, the most famous application of the technology, the encrypted registry spanning 35,000 nodes was virtually autonomous. Not only can each new block of data verify all the others, a decentralized blockchain is also virtually impossible to attack.

The IOT industry is already a billion-dollar industry, with billions of IOT devices scattered around the world. These IoT devices were created to improve interaction with people, improve the efficiency of specific automation tools and processes.

Statistics show that the inclusion of blockchain in the system will significantly increase the security of data exchange between connected devices and IoT platforms. In addition, there is an additional advantage in the form of automatic backup of files in case of successful hacking. This is provided by millions of individual nodes in the block chain that help store system data.

What came of it all? Now the entrepreneur has the opportunity to start a business without even going down the beaten path, which would require him to take out a loan in the national currency, open a Bank account and register transactions. Financial institutions can trade assets without traditional verification. Encrypted data blocks can be used to transfer data to the owner, protect voting records, and protect ownership of a device with Internet access from the comfort of your home. And every day new apps are opened.

There is no business that would not be affected by Blockchain, and the demand for qualified specialists is constantly growing. If according to the TechCrunch report for 2018, there are 14 open vacancies in blockchain development for every qualified developer, today this figure is 73.

Moreover, an article by the research company Deloitte States that traditional diplomas or educational certificates are not as important as developing the skills necessary to understand and promote blockchain technology. So if you wanted to start a career in development, but you don’t have the time or money to learn it in College – don’t worry. This rapidly developing sector is ready to help anyone who wants to develop the necessary skills.

What are these skills? Let’s see.

What you need to know:

  • Jargon

Let’s face it: this is a complex technology. Even people who spend every day researching technology don’t always understand everything. They are based on concepts for which there are no simple words. Learning terminology is the Foundation.

If you want to learn the basics quickly, you could do a lot worse by rereading the Bitcoin whitepaper until you understand everything backwards.

  • Code

Blockchain is a software technology, so coding is its bread and butter. A very simple network is easy to build. To extend it to the world-changing technology we know today, you need to know coding languages and their applications well. Knowledge of Python or C ++, or both, is crucial, and since front-end web design forms a large part of the blockchain application, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML skills can also be indispensable.

In addition to all this, there are new languages that directly meet the requirements of smart contracts. The first of them is Solidity, created for transactions with the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Knowing this will give you a certain advantage.

If you don’t know the code, you can still use other in-demand skills to start a career in the blockchain industry. For example, a stockbroker, asset trader, or financial adviser can provide significant benefits to themselves or their clients simply by knowing what blockchain is and how to talk about it. Consultants will become increasingly important as technology grows to affect more areas of life and people who may not be able to understand it.

  • Cryptocurrency

 Blockchain is revolutionizing the economy with its ability to record and protect assets using proven encryption. The basics of network security are so important for its application, and the risks of error are so great, that understanding them can open up more possibilities. After all, no one wants to be accused of running an encrypted wallet service that someone managed to hack.

  • Flexible skills

In a nascent industry like blockchain, the future path of its development will depend on which strong leaders will lead them and where. It’s one thing to be able to code a revolutionary distributed network, but it’s quite another to sell it to venture capitalists, other engineers, and the public. Don’t neglect your social media skills, marketing abilities, event coordination, outreach, and leadership skills. Certifying them is harder than coding proficiency, but they can make a huge difference just to start a new job or launch your business.

How to get a job

How to get a job
How to get a job

First of all, you need to choose a specialty. The blockchain industry has many nuances of its own, and offers several possible inputs for a qualified candidate. Before you think about it, however, take the time to realize that traditional career paths that require you to go to College, get a certificate, start at the entry level, and gradually move up are not always applicable in this world. If you spend four years in school, by the time you leave, the market may become unrecognizable. You will be better off choosing an access point and boldly go to it, learning everything along the way.

If you have interpersonal skills but no engineering knowledge, write a resume that highlights the experience you will gain as a blockchain consultant. At the end of the day, you’ll be asking the company to hire you based solely on your communication, problem-solving, and vision skills. Based on this, make sure that you have resume elements that can prove your words.

If you take the technical path, you will have a career similar to that of a software developer. While there are some significant differences, as explained in the next few paragraphs, some ways to get the job done will be familiar to experienced developers.

Job openings for blockchain and cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed on traditional online job boards such as LinkedIn, Upwork, AngelList, and Ripple. Careers in the field of blockchain are so in demand that there are employment tips focused primarily on them, and only on them.

Smart contracts are the” user interface ” of the blockchain, the main utility required by the end user, so if you like programming for users, consider applying for jobs for smart contract developers (especially if you can demonstrate knowledge of Solidity!). Here you will work to create an environment for secure and transparent transactions that circumvent the cumbersome requirements of traditional business.

On the other hand, if you have a talent for building infrastructure, apply for blockchain development and create a complete set of software for the new Dapp. Here you can work for a startup like Augur, a financial forecast marketplace that uses data stored in decentralized blockchain registries. Or by the time you’re ready to start a new career, there may already be some other exciting project in development.

Of course, the best way to predict the future is to create it. If you have an idea and you are ready and able to become a software architect of the new era, read on.

Create your own opportunity

Create your own opportunity
Create your own opportunity

If you have a blockchain app that you think the world needs, you can start your journey to the top by moving towards a completely new use of this technology. This can be either traditional venture capital or crowdfunding. In any case, the first thing you need is a technical document, i.e. a statement of what problem your Dapp will solve and how it will do it.

After that, creating a community is vital. This is where your soft skills come into play. Use social networks and personal contacts to make sure that there is a community around your idea. Once you do, crowdfunding is ready to make your dream come true. And if you decide not to go the Kickstarter route, you’ll still have a group of enthusiasts and first-time followers ready to go.

The time has come

Blockchain is developing completely new sectors of the industry so fast that you don’t have time to blink, as a new one appears. If you think that this is your calling, don’t hesitate to act. Just don’t forget about careful and strategic planning so that you move forward in stages. And hurry up. It’s like planting trees: the best time to do it is last year, or right now.