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Ashton Kutcher prefers crypto investments

It seems that Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has decided to invest in crypto assets, and more precisely in the crypto projects called Lolli.

Celebrities invest in crypto. Lolli is an application that allows users to earn BTC purchasing products via Internet. A few years ago the popular perfume network Sephora has joined the project. The app can be installed on Chrome browser and it enables buyers to make common purchases on e-commerce websites turning their profit into BTC rewards that are being distributed among the clients that use the app.

The famous actor has decided to participate in the second round of the project amounting to $3 million. Among other investors there are popular YouTuber Michael Phan and U2 talent manager Guy Oseri.

These investments should help the company to develop a mobile application and to expand the market. As Alex Adelman, CEO and co-founder of Lolli, said, “We are going to perform our mission and make crypto even more accessible with our website. Due to the new funding, we will speed up the launch of our project and its further international expansion. So you’ll see new ways for getting income and learn a lot about crypto assets”.