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Bitcoin: hashrate is being corrected

Predictably, the third halving has lead to correction of BTC, the processing power of its blockchain network.

Deceleration of Bitcoin network. In comparison with the maximums reached just prior to halving when the network set an absolute record of 137.57 EH/ h / s, the hashrate declined in just a few hours, falling below 100 and reaching the lowest point from December, 2019 – 84.08 EH/ s.

This is the lowest level shown by BTC network since the end of last year that demonstrates approximately 39% reduction, and this confirms that the mining reward decrease will exclude obsolete computers and those who are unable to bear the costs and buy new generation equipment to continue getting the block opening reward.

The increased charges that are the part of standard reward being received by miners for each block opening (which happens every 10 minutes but in the recent weeks in has been delayed for 20 minutes) confirms that we see the deceleration of the whole network. At some moments this week there was even a deceleration of orders’ fulfillment, and some of orders remain suspended.

Ross Ulbricht is still optimistic about crypto - image

Ross Ulbricht is still optimistic about crypto

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