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Dollar Vigilante founder, “Modern economic system is on the verge of collapse”

The futuristic utopia being promised by technological progress is getting closer but new challenges are emerging due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Questions we are asking ourselves.

The pandemic has destabilized the whole world just in a few months having jeopardized not only people’s lives but the economies as well as the core of the world financial system. The uncertainty connected to the virus spreading and its consequences for the global economy are terrifying. Our world appeared to be unprepared for a global pandemic just like during the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918-1920 when millions of people died, or the global plague pandemic in the 14th century. But this time is different as the world has never been that technologically tied to people who are able to work remotely, buy online, consult with doctors through video conferences and purchase digital currencies that have no restrictions typical for fiat money. Still we are daily overwhelmed by negative information: we are being frightened by numbers of infected people and victims, globalists and their plans for taking the world. And all of these are happening amidst the global financial crisis. So what is really going on?

A plan to disrupt the world of finance for building a new one. Jeff Berwick is an entrepreneur and the head of Dollar Vigilante who has made several videos devoted to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions implemented by governments.

News.Bitcoin.com interviewed him to find out his opinion on the current events connected with COVID -19 and what may, according to Berwick, happen next. The pandemic just does not exist. Even if you take the numbers given by WHO and CDC that actually should not be trusted, you’ll see that this so-called ‘pandemic’ has less hospitalizations and deaths than flu in 2017-2018”, said Berwick, “when I founded The Dollar Vigilante in 2010 I was sure the existing finance system would collapse by the end of the decade. Our monetary and financial system has reached its end. The whole world, from governments and enterprises to individuals, will never return to the initial point. I suppose that the ‘pandemic’ that I call ‘scheduled’ was a part of the destroyed economic model as it is much easier to blame everything on a disease instead of real scammers, governments and central banks.

In general, the 2020 crisis was similar to the events of the September, 11th that were also well-planned and organized under the fake motto. The real purpose was to destroy the system and reduce the civil liberties. Blocking measures being taken today are also intentional, and are used to cause the collapse of the economy and supply chains. In 2010 David Rockefeller together with Bill Gates and George Soros participated in a ‘Good club’ and issued a document entitled ‘Lockstep’ which described the possibility of using the ‘virus pandemic scenario’ for establishing a total control all over the world and bankrupting of major part of the global enterprises.  So it is just the disruption of all printed currencies. Almost each government went bankrupted, and almost each of the central banks is printing trillions of new fiat units that means their complete collapse.

And this is also a part of the plan as they want to destroy the global finances and cause hyperinflation of all currencies in order to issue a single digital currency that would allow to track all the transactions made by people. As for the terms, it depends on many factors. It will likely happen in just a few years. I see almost all fiat currencies being hyperinflated in several years. And I hope that more and more people today prefer cryptos to fiat money. It’s the only chance not to lose everything“. Bitcoin and gold”.

Then Berwick explained, “I expected this turn of events, and I told Dollar Vigilante subscribers they would face a crisis they had never met before. In a series of presentations and videos made over the last year, I stated that BTC could fell to $4000 during the crisis. And that’s what happened.

But since then, Bitcoin has reached new highs and recommended itself as a safe heaven. As for the perspectives, things will likely remain unstable but the precious metals and best cryptos will be exponentially growing and will appear to be rather successful in comparison with other types of assets. Nevertheless, governments and central banks will do their utmost to stop usage of cryptos. But they will hardly be able to prevent them from spreading”.

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