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Is Chainlink a fraud? Zeus Capital thinks so

Zeus Capital has issued a report on 66 pages investigating Chainlink functionality. The report explains why the project is a scam.

Chainlink recent Bullrun.

The report describes general aspects of Chainlink project, tokenomics, macroeconomy, team and the reasons why the project costs nothing. The authors sum up providing full guidance to users. This year LINK gets positive feedbacks from crypto analysts. It has finally managed to reach its historic maximum with the peak price of $8.00. Despite some volatility of market value, the coin has made analytics predict its dominance in the nearest future.

At the moment of writing the article LINK was among best cryptos overtaking $ BNB.

The report’s summary. According to the company’s review, there are some inconsistencies in the statement on that Chainlink is a sustainable and legal blockchain.

First, the authors claim that Chainlink used vulnerabilities of smart contracts for increasing profit. Besides, blockchain is behind the schedule, and LINK is yet just a “meaningless token used in speculative trading and for enrichment of a few people”.

As regards LINK as a token, the report underlines there were no ways for making investors hold it as this requires demand.

Zeus notes that hardly someone would use this token for global trading which is a sign of ineligibility and poor technical opportunities.

Those few users who are investing with LINK, just aim to deplete Chainlink accounts. The report further lists Chainlink restrictions for some DeFi and CeFi.

The authors sum up claiming that the project lacks authoritative team since the Chainlink goals are impossible to be achieved without a professional team.

It took some time to explain how Chainlink is manipulating media to ensure constant investment advertising.

Finally, the report has demonstrated Chainlink heavy reliance on Ethereum blockchain which leads to overloads and harms the network jeopardizing it. Thinking aloud. Chainlink is supported by well-known exchanges around the world including Coinbase and Band Protocol. The market has been flourishing in the recent years, and investors see promising future for LINK. Nevertheless, some users that have got acquainted with the report suppose that critics are doing a good job underlying drawbacks of the coin and the project.

There are still some doubts about the report’s credibility as the provided communication channels do not comply with the official Zeus website. Time will show whether the report really makes sense or it is just a malicious exposure.