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Tether takes the lead

Crypto traders consider altcoins to be more appealing as BTC is currently trading at side trend. Together with these widely sold coins, Tether has become the focus of attention.

CoinMarketCap: Tether – the top selling crypto asset.

Many investors believe that top selling coins are “more healthy.

In theory, they are less prone to significant price volatility. For that reason the trading volume is a good indicator of an asset’s or token’s strength.

The value of Tether – about $1 – has been impervious to price changes although they happen sometimes.

The asset initially launched on Ethereum is now available on other blockchains including Tron will soon be released on Algorand.

Being backed by Tether and other stablecoins is an obvious benefit for making profit. As Coinmetrics report claims, the cost amount kept in stablecoins has surpassed Bitcoins. This cross-over has happened in the recent two months, and the report indicates that stablecoins may attract new wave of crypto users.

The statement seems quite plausible as cryptocurrencies have always been associated with high volatility, and therefore it would be much “safer” to make payments with Tether than with BTC.