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Threefold announces token distribution

In 2016 ThreeFold determined the need for new, updated and more secure internet ensuring equality (accessibility), autonomy for its users and sustainability.

Alliance for peer-to-peer internet development. The independent servers of the company have jointly launched the largest peer-to-peer network with bandwidth of internet and over 40 000 000 GB and 15 000 CPU cores that will operate in more than 20 countries.

The technology for the innovative Internet has been developed by ThreeFold Tech that collaborates with Hewlett Packard Enterprise for the provision of high-quality equipment. ThreeFold Grid is now working at ThreeFold Token (TFT) that is currently available in Stellar Network and will be added to Liquid Exchange and BTC-Alpha Exchange listings by the end of May. Profits from token sales will be used for supporting projects aimed at drawing on the expertise at ThreeFold Grid.

TFT – is a decentralized digital currency that represents a unit for reservation of capacity (computing and storage) in ThreeFold Grid network, the largest peer-to-peer internet network in the world. This is a token fully developed by the community which never announced any kind of ICO. TFT are issued only when the equipment is connected to ThreeFold Grid. The token issuance model stimulates the further company expansion to new regions, especially to Africa and South America.

Besides, part of each deal is directed to the Fund for financing projects that are considered to be useful for humanity or the planet. Projects that can change the world. ThreeFold is collaborating with a joint ecosystem of partners and projects called Conscious Internet Alliance. Its main goal is to create a human-and planet-focused world. The Alliance consists of:

● Solidaridad – network aimed at creating a fairer and stable supply chains;

● 3Bot – digital peer-to-Peter gateway;

● SEEDS – financial system for the prosperous global society;

● Take Action Global – offers students an opportunity to participate;

● Artheon VR Museum – free educational platform offering cross-cultural experience;

● Peer-to-peer file messaging, virtual browser and much more.

The Alliance represents a number of projects that are working at developing innovative internet that benefits the world. ThreeFold welcomes new partners that share this opinion and are committed to working. Together with its collective ecosystem of partners, they consider equality, autonomy and sustainability to be the basis of attainment of peace and fulfilling the humanity potential.Besides, they seek to uniting their efforts and sharing the best technological and non-technological solutions.

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