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Trump threatens military action in BLM in response to protests while BTC price skyrockets to $10K

When Donald Trump recommended state governments to attract the National Guard in order to quell civil unrest and protests, the BTC prices started to increase.

BTC growth amidst protests in the USA.

On Monday, 2th June, president Donald Trump advised state Governors to deploy the National Guard in response to protests caused by gruesome murder of George Floyd.

«Governors and mayors should create maximum enforcement presence unless unrests are suppressed”, claimed the president. He added, “of a city or a state refuses to take measures crucial for protecting lives and belongings of citizens I will attract military service of the USA and solve this issue”. The murder of George Floyd committed by policeman lead to that the whole country collapsed because of civil protests.

Although most of them tended to be peaceful, citizens still have to deal with law enforcements. The confrontation’s motto, “I can’t breathe” has become tribute to Floyd. These are the words he said when the police officer in Minneapolis Derek Choven putt hadcuffs on Floyd and strangled him to death despite he begged for mercy. Bitcoin is getting stronger amidst the world’s instability.

Soon after the Trump’s ultimatum about attracting military force the Bitcoin price increased to $10 380 surpassing the psychological level of $10K. This happened just when Trump gave a speech proposing to mobilize local police and the National Guard to break strike.  BTC price reached its current maximum of $10 380 breaking the downward trend of $10 250 since reaching the pike of $20 000 at the end of 2017.

Many of the coins and altcoins of the top-20 on CoinMarketCap also had their own rally around 5%, while Ether and XLM gained more than 6%, and Neo – about 10%.

Anonymous hacktivist joined the struggle for black Americans.

As previously reported, decentralized hacking activists “Anonymous” promised to expose the police departments of Minneapolis and its history of systematic racism and the continuing violence against minorities. On May, 28 Anonymous posted a video on their non-confirmed Facebook page that was appealing to Minneapolis police. The group promised to reveal “the terrible story of violence and corruption” in which George Floid is only one of many victims. The supposed hacking of MPD happened on Saturday evening when the protests reached the pike over the whole country.

Thousands of Americans came out as a protest against the illegal and unnecessary murder of George Floyd and the high level of abuse towards black Americans.

Considering the depth of the information revealed in the video warning, we can only imagine what dark facts were found during the recent hacking attack.

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