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How to install the app if I have Android?

To install the application on Android, you need to pass to Google play and type ‘Spacebot’ in the search bar,  and the search will offer you the following:

Or  just click on the icon

How to install the App if I have an iPhone?

To install the application on the iPhone, you need to go to the AppStore and type “Spacebot” in the search bar, the search will offer you the following

Or, just click on the icon 

How to start using the SPACEBOT App?

The first thing you will need is an iOS or Android phone, preferably with the latest firmware.

We try to support as many firmware versions as possible, including the old ones, but it is Apple and Google developers who simply stop supporting the previous versions, and this makes it impossible to download the Application and install it with outdated firmware.

How to register on SpaceBot.

There are two ways to register on SPACEBOT:

  1. Registration is possible without a referral link or without specifying the mail of the invitee (curator, upliner). In this case, you do not participate in the affiliate program and you do not have a personal referral link. At any time (in the affiliate program section) , you can specify the mail of the “upliner” – then you will get a referral link.
  2. Registration via a referral link or with the indication of upliner`s email. In this case, you get a “referral link” immediately. To get it, you need to go to the “affiliate program” section. If you are registering your partner, he needs to specify your email address in the “upliner” field.

    In addition, a mandatory condition for receiving a referral link is that you have at least 100 coins selected by you in bonding.

How to top up the balance

To top up your balance, you need to transfer cryptocurrency to the SPACEBOT App. To do this, you need to get the address of your wallet replenishing. Each cryptocurrency has its own unique address. There are several ways that allow you to find it out:

  1. By clicking on the card of the selected cryptocurrency on the main screen – select the “Replenishment” item.
  2. By clicking on the card menu of the selected cryptocurrency
  3. In the “Transfers” section which is the next one after the main page, select the “Replenishment” item.

    Next , scan the QR code or click on the field with the address to copy, or click on the “Share” button and send it to the chosen address to transfer the selected cryptocurrency to your wallet in the SPACEBOT application.

Where to buy cryptocurrency

You can buy and transfer cryptocurrency to your wallet via the SPACEBOT App anywhere it is sold. These are exchanges, cryptomats, Apps/services or people.

  • Bit.team platform is the partner exchange of SPACEBOT. Here (after registration and logging on), you buy crypto responding to an ad in the “Buy” section:

    When passing the KYC verification, you will have the opportunity to create your own ad for the purchase of the selected cryptocurrency.  Bit.team acts as a guarantor in transOperations between users, depositing the seller’s cryptocurrency at the time of the transaction. Study the F.A.Q. section on the site to confidently use this resource.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges:
  1. c3.exchange
  2. xt.com
  3. coinsbit.io
  4. p2pb2b.io
  5. и др.

After registering and passing verification on the exchanges, study the instructions for using the platform, top up your balance in crypto, or use payment terminals to buy cryptocurrency for rubles and go to the “Trading/Bidding”. Buy the existing orders, or place your own. On exchanges operations are mainly processed in crypto pairs.

After purchasing the necessary cryptocurrency, go to your personal account and select the “Withdrawal” where you insert the address of your wallet from the SPACEBOT mobile App (for more information, see the instructions “How to top up the balance”). The time of crediting depends on the platform that makes the outgoing transaction.

How to withdraw cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency withdrawal is available when you have coins on your active balance. There are several ways:

  1. Via the main screen, when you click on the selected card, select the ‘Transfer’ item.
  2. By clicking on the card menu of the selected cryptocurrency, select the ‘Operations’ item and click “Transfer”

How to bond crypto for staking 

In order to bond cryptocurrency to the SPACEBOT validator, you need to select the “Bonded coins” item on the main page of the App and click the icon or click the card of the selected cryptocurrency. Then select the “Unbonding” item:

You will be taken to the “Bonding” section. Select “Bond” and proceed to the choice of cryptocurrency: 

You will see a page with the available cryptocurrencies. They can be mined via the SPACEBOT mobile App:

DEL (DecimalChain)

  • Daily coin mining:
    • 0.26% – more than 10,000 DEL bonded;
    • 0.24% – up to 10,000 DEL bonded;

BTT (DecimalChain)

  • Daily coin mining: 0.1114%


  • Daily coin mining: 0.085%


  • Daily coin mining: 0.05%


The minimum stake for mining the selected cryptocurrency on the SPACEBOT App is 100 coins.


The next step is to enter the required amount or click the “All” button:

Then click the “Bond” button and confirm your intention.

You can check the mining process on the main page of SPACEBOT:

How to unbond crypto

You can withdraw cryptocurrency from mining:

  • Via the main page, click “Bonded coins” and select a coin,
  • Unbonding is available in the cryptocurrency cards on the main page. To do this, click on it and select the Unbond point:

You get to the “Bonding” page, where you need to select the ”Bonding” item:

Enter the required amount in the appropriate field or click “All” and confirm your intention.

The withdrawal of coins occurs through the blockchain of the selected cryptocurrency:

DEL (DecimalChain)

  • Unbonding in 462,000 blocks since the moment of recall (30 days);

BTT (DecimalChain)

  • Unbonding in 462,000 blocks since the moment of recall (30 days)


  • Unbonding in 518,400 blocks since the moment of recall (~28 days)


Unbonding is instant.

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