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Attackers send e-mails in Austria with bomb threats demanding a ransom in crypto

Austrian police have announced that bomb threats via email have been sent to companies with messages that attackers are demanding a ransom in Bitcoin.

Police ask investors not to pay terrorists.

The announcement published by Austrian law enforcement agencies, says that threatening emails were sent to investment companies located throughout Austria.

Currently, law enforcement officers have no idea about the specific place where the explosion may be made, as it affected businesses in all regions of the country.

Police said they were contacted by numerous companies in the capital, Vienna and Tyrol, but they were unable to find any bombs in the region. However, cybercriminals have told businesses that they want to get $ 20,000 in PTS, or they will carry out attacks.

Authorities have now warned people to stop panicking and to pay attention to reports of threats via email.

In addition, they asked businesses and investment companies to ignore threats and not pay ransom to terrorists, but to continue their normal business.

Another interesting twist in the report is that the ransomware provided step-by-step information on how to buy and send cryptocurrency. In an email, the terrorists claimed that they were trying to make it easier for companies and businesses to meet their demand.

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