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US government arrests crypto accounts linked to North Korean crypto hackers

The US government is currently taking steps to seize about 280 accounts of fraudulent digital assets belonging to North Korean crypto hackers.

The standoff between the United States and North Korea continues.

The report, distributed by the Reuters news Agency, says that the United States government is taking serious steps to close accounts belonging to North Korea’s cryptocurrency hackers.

According to the news report, hackers are responsible for stealing digital assets from two exchanges in America, and laundering funds via crypto traders from China. The US Department of justice filed a lawsuit that gave them the right to seize accounts belonging to several traders in China.

According to the Ministry of justice, the move was the result of two key arrests made in March, when authorities arrested two Chinese citizens for money laundering. In a thorough survey, the Chinese admitted that they helped North Korea move funds and transferred a total of $ 100 million.

The results showed that North Korea used by hackers to evade harsh sanctions by the United States. Brian Rabbitt, assistant Director General of the US Department of justice, said the action exposed a long-standing relationship between North Korean crypto hackers and a Chinese money laundering gang.

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