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BTSE launches crypto-gold futures

BTSE is the first exchange that launches gold futures which price is indicated in crypto.

Bitcoin is evolving into the mature value reserve. Soon BTSE investors will be able to see the price of a troy ounce of London pure gold in crypto instead of dollars, and bet on the projections for the asset’s growth or decline via BTC.

According to the company’s announcement, the initiative follows the transformation of Bitcoin into the globally accepted asset that continues to attract increasing attention not only as an investment but as a mean of protection agains inflation.

In particular, geopolitical, economical and financial events of 2020 have made more exchanges consider the gold’s level of security in long-term outlook taking into account the continuing volatility of financial markets.

One of possible alternatives to gold is BTC that is often being chosen by traded and investors seeking for new investment opportunities. Meanwhile, there are continuing discussions on whether BTC is a reliable mean of accumulating, especially in comparison with gold. Growing number of financial institutions, central banks and large investors see high potential in BTC for increasing their profit by concentrating on the anti-inflation features of the first crypto.